Delta Pacific Activewear Inc.

American made yarn and dyeing technology coupled with our trained Mexican work force combine to give you a great product in a short time frame that is competitively priced.

   Raw materials: Consistent high quality production starts with good yarn. The suppliers of our yarn are all well known domestic mills with solid reputations lasting over a century in some cases. Our experience is that the best quality yarn makes the best quality garment which is why we use only the best raw materials.

   Knitting: Fabric is knit on our circular knitting machines � we have been knitting our own fabric for over 15 years with an eye toward controlling the shrinkage of the fabric we produce. Using the best yarns with the correct knitting calculations in our own facility, we possess the best formula to make the most consistent, high quality jersey and rib with the softest possible hand.

   Dyeing : Our fabric dyeing facility uses the best equipment and dye techniques to give our customers consistent colored jersey. All dye lots once received are wash-tested for both color fastness and shrinkage.

   Cutting: The Bierebbi cutting system is the state of the art technology for tubular fabric. We have invested in this equipment as both the 2 ply and 4 ply machines give us the most consistent cut parts with the least amount of tension when cutting the fabric.

   Sewing: Our in house sewing facility is capable of producing 350,000 pcs per month on basic styles. We take pride in the fact that we have a solid work force that has been with us for years. The modular based sewing system provides a more reliable, stable mode of production as operators are performing the same procedures on garments day in and day out. This also allows tracking of fabric lots back to specific sewing teams providing information for regular quality control audits.