Delta Pacific Activewear Inc.

Competitive Advantages

Proximity: Located in Ensenada, Mexico, our facility is a two hour drive from Orange County, allowing customers to view the facility and check on production or approve samples in the same day.

      Flexibility : we know how to make adjustments make �on the fly� as well as mold ourselves to our customers needs quickly and efficiently.

     Reliability : our reputation precedes us a no-nonsense, honest resource for high quality apparel.

     One stop shopping : from raw yarn to a completed garment, we have the vertical capability to make and ship your product on time, without the headache of you having to use multiple resources for blanks, printing and packaging.

     Control : owning our facilities means that we have greater control over the production process, assuring our customers of consistent quality.

     Price competitive with quick turn capability : with our labor intensive portion of production being done in our Ensenada facility, 75 miles south of San Diego, we can be competitively priced while maintaining our edge over Central America and the far east when it comes to turn time.

     Highest quality materials and components are used : From the yarn, to the sewing thread to the boxes, all materials used in the private label production process are domestically made assuring our customers of that consistent quality we have come to be known for.